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I will do stories and/or fanfics of anything, all I need is a description/picture of what your character(s) looks like and a description of the overall story/fanfic.

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  • Watching: Iron Man 2
            I know I haven`t been very talkative and what-not lately, it`s just I`ve been working hard as hell to, well, live and have a home and and keep my job so I can pay rent and what-not.

            So if I pop off for a month or two at any given time, don`t worry about me. If I promised you a story, don`t worry, I`ll get it done for you, it`s just going to take me a while although I WILL get it done.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I play video games, I draw random stuff that makes no sense, and I also write things with no idea what I`m doing sometimes.

I stand up for art of all forms, whether it be smut or otherwise, sound fair? Good, have a great day!

The chibi is made with the Chibi Maker which in turn is made by the glorious gen8 It can be found here:

I give watches and llamas for llamas

I am willing to do occasional art trades, but note me first just in case.

I am also willing to write a fanfic/original story for practice but that will be maybe two or three at a time, again note me first as a just in case.

If you want me to feature you, I suggest you note me and we can talk about it there.

I WILL do ONE free feature every month and will choose three things I like in your deviations but I will do this for very new members (been a member for only a month or so), no exceptions.

If you ask for a feature in the comments I will not respond what-so-ever. Sorry just don't want to bog down my comments with feature...comments.

Looking for a great artist to get inspired from? Look in my friends list, most if not all those people are amazing and are inspirational :)

Have any questions? Once again note me, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

I didn't do it Stamp by SpannedSoul Stamp: I am Wiccan 2 by 8manderz8Blessed Be Stamp by Mystic-Alpha-Wolf

Rhianna-ashneil may be very new but why not take a look, maybe suggest some things, or give her a helping hand? We were all newbs once and having someone help is always a good thing.


* I will be attempting to post these once a week, although with my work schedule and my friends grandma apparently deciding she ABSOLUTELY HAS TO use my X-Box 360 to watch Netflix on despite her having a laptop and my friend having a 360 all her own she barely uses that her grandma could use, it may be delayed to the following week.

* Once again I do not own any of these characters, nor anything that pertains to the series 'Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals'. Everything is copyrighted to their respective owners!

* If you notice any discrepencies, let me know down below and I will edit as nessecary. Thank you for being patient with me guys!


         "What's wrong Tsunade? It looks as if you're shocked that my kunai had no effect on you." The shadowy Orochimaru sneered at her, almost taunting them in that sly, snake-like way of his.

         Tsunade's look of shock morhped into remembered surprise and laughter as she stood up, gave the shadow an angry glance that was only half-hearted, and without missing a beat replied in a half-serious voice, "If only I had remembered that this was merely a test I had agreed upon some time ago, I'd have been a lot more prepared for this meeting!"

         With a puff of smoke, Orochimaru dissapeared and in his place stood Lord Bee with a small piece of an octopi's tentacle! For many moments Team Guy stood there stunned as he laughed and walked over to them.

         "Good to see you saw through my feat, and to know you can't be beat. Is this the package that was requested, sent to me for my testing?" Bee rapped rather horribly, as usual for him, as he pointed to the package Tsunade still held onto.

        She nodded and placed it on the ground in front of him, as she replied, "It took me a while to find it due to it being long forgotten but everything is there and ready."

       Team Guy couldn't hold back their earlier excitement they'd forgotten in the heat of the moment and crowded around it as bee dropped the tentacle piece and crouched down to open it. "I wonder what's in it," Lee wondered out loud, "I bet it's something meant to help with taijutsu!"

       Neji scoffed at him and replied, "Don't be ridiculous, it obviously wouldn't be that, it would have to be something to help him train even closer with the Eight tails inside Lord Bee."

      Tenten merly stayed silent as she observed the mysterious box and Lord Bee's opening of it. She had a feeling it was more geared for weapons training as well as taijutsu training and to help Lord Bee train closer with the Eight tails.

       As Bee eased the box open there was a puff of smoke, a flash of light and a sound of something slumping to the ground.

       Everyone panicked and as they tried to get out of the cloud to assess the situation, no-one realized that Bee was laying on the ground, without his head! "Bee! He's hurt!" Tenten cried out as the smoke cleared and they got their bearings straightend out.

     They all rushed over to see the extent of his injuries and saw for the first time his headless body. Neji cursed at what had happened, as Lee cried out in anger, and Tsunade and Tenten ground their teeth.

      The moment of pain, sadness, and anger didn't last long as Bee surprised them all by suddenly popping his head out of his sash and gasping deeply.

     "Lord Bee, you live! Happy day!" Lee cried out as he jumped up and celebrated such a happy shock. He was beyond happy that today wasn't a day for death!

      Both him and Tsunade laughed loudly as Bee got up, straightend up and dusted off his clothes and replied, "This test was not meant for the likes of me, it was to test how strong a bond between us could be. Fools, ya fools."

       They all looked towards the 'package' they had gaurded and realized it was nothing more then a smoke bomb meant to help Bee pull another of his practical jokes on Team Guy, hence why they were chosen and hadn't been told anything.

       By the time the team realized this, Bee had invited them to join him for lunch and to relax for a while before they began their trip back home from another successful mission.

       Today had been another wonderful trip for the team and as the day came to a close they slept under the stars, dreaming of the next mission in store for Team Guy.

      What will tomorrow hold? Will there be more surprises for them? And will there ever be a chance to say hello to Lord Bee again? No-one knew but for now, they simply enjoyed this moment of rest and, one by one, Team Guy, Lady Tsunade, and Lord Bee fell asleep.
Protecting The Hokage! - Chapter Two
Here is the ending chapter for aaron-sprig's first story! I got stuck in the middle of it because I got writers block and I would've had this up Thursday if not for that.

I own nothing of Naruto or anything relating to the series! That is copyrighted to all the respective owners!

If anyone notices a typo or something incorrect don't be afraid to let me know. I love critisicm so long as it is constructive and is meant to help me as a writer.
113 deviations
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Watching: Iron Man 2
            I know I haven`t been very talkative and what-not lately, it`s just I`ve been working hard as hell to, well, live and have a home and and keep my job so I can pay rent and what-not.

            So if I pop off for a month or two at any given time, don`t worry about me. If I promised you a story, don`t worry, I`ll get it done for you, it`s just going to take me a while although I WILL get it done.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
*I do not own any of the characters in this story, they are copyrighted to to their respective owners and what-not! I'd put who, but I can't remember their names Dx If you know who, comment the names and I will edit accordingly.

*This story is for :iconaaron-sprig: who won first place in my contest I held last month, literally he was the only entry, so I am doing this for him because I care about all of my watchers, including you, yes YOU, my friend.

*Okay last one I swear, This will revolve around the animie Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals because, sadly, I'm not familier enough with The Regular Show (I think that's what it's called) to actually write a story involving them. ANYWAYS! On to the promised story that took forever to develop in my head enough to flesh it out! (Warning, some things may be wrong so if they are please bear with me and correct me as needed and I will edit the story as necessary.)~~~


    It was a beautiful day in The Leaf village, the sun was shinning brightly, the bee's were buzzing, and children were shouting excitedly as they played in the schoolyard, but Rock Lee was headed to a secret meeting to protect the Hokage on an important mission!

     "Lee! Come on,' Neji huffed as he motioned towards a pair of secluded tree's near the back of the Hokage's building, "Lady Tsunade could arrive at any moment and we can't afford to dawdle."

      Seeing that Neji and Tenten were ahead of him, Rock Lee quickly finishied up his daily five hundred pull-ups and leaped to their sides as they continued walking and shouted with not a little of his usual gusto, "Okay! Today is the day we have been preparing for for an entire week! Let's make all our hard work count!"

      No sooner as he spoke, then Tsunade melted out of the shadows under the two tree's, wearing her Hokage's hat, green flowing cloak, and beige shirt. Under her arm was a rectangular package wrapped in smoke grey cloth and tied off with a red ribbon at the top.

       Immediately, they stopped where they were and bowed to her in great respect. "Lady Tsunade, Team guy reporting as requested! All preperations are completed and we are ready to begin!" Tenten quickly informed her as the three of them straightened up.

       Tsunade nodded in approvel and replied, "As I expected from such a hard-working team, now let's head to the Land of Stones and deliver this package to Lord Bee and the Lord Raikage as quickly as possible.

       "Aye, ma'am!" They shouted together and as one they departed from the village to begin the two-week long trip to the Land Hidden in the Stones. Lee was extremely excited for this new training opportunity and couldn't wait to see what lied ahead for him! After all, it wasn't often he got to be part of a mission to portect the Hokage, let alone one headed for the Stone village!

       Not long after they had departed from the village, Lee became curious of what was in the box they all had been assigned to protect along with Lady Tsunade, they hadn't been told what was in it, just that it was very important and only the Hokage could deliver it in person, and asked, "If I may be so bold as to ask ma'am, but what is in the box? New training materials meant to help Lord Bee?"

     She smiled and chuckled, "In a manner of speaking, yes. It is very important that Bee gets this as well as a chance to test it and see h-Watch out!" They immediately broke formation at her cry and landed a little ways apart from each other, just barely missing being hit by a kunai tagged with paper bombs.

     "Damn Leaf shinobi trash! How dare you try and barter peace with scum like Bee! Scum like him should have the beast inside them removed and killed!" A male's voice warbled in the valley they had been ambushed in and echo'd off the walls.

      Tsunade laughed and yelled back, "Says the one who dares to use cowardly tactics and ambush us without revealing your face!" As quickly as he could, Lee jumped in front of her in preperations for an attack from the front while Neji and Tenten covered her sides and back.

      Slowly, a shadowy figure formed itself in front of them, wobbling and, in some cases disappearing entirely when the wind blew through them and in a warbling, here-but-not-here voice, "Oh, so you don't remember my voice Tsunade? After all these years and you can't remember your childhood friend? I admit I was rather quiet and killed by another but I was quite, hmmm, unforgettable."

       The entire group hissed in surprise when they caught a glimpse of a young Orochimaru, jsut barely out of childhood. "But that's impossible! You were swallowed by the sword that trapped you in another inescapable dimension for all eternity!" Tsunade yelled at the ghostly figure, disbelieving like the others that he was able to project himself like this, if this was really him.

        The figure laughed manically and rushed directly at her, intending to kill Tsunade and apparently exact his revenge on her. Neji responded immediately and activated his 64 palms, 8 triagrams rotation jutsu, which had an effect on the figure and caused it to dissapate.

       Although, the relief they all suredly felt did not last long as it reappeared a moment later beside them, slightly more transparent then before. "Is that the best you can do?!" It yelled at them, grabbing a pair of kunai in each hand, then tossing them at the group.

      Lee and his friend dodged them easily, though Tsunade, slowed down with the box and less able to react as quickly, was hit in the leg by the shadowy kunai, and causing her to yell in pain and lean on her other, uninjured leg.

       "Lady Tsunade!" Lee, Neji, and Tenten called out, and instinctively ran over to her. Neji and Tenten stod in front of her, ready to block the next attack as Lee, checked her leg for damage.

     'Nothing?' He thought to himself as he stared dumbfounded at what should've been a bleeding wound as Tsunade rubbed where the ghostly kunai had hit her.

           This was a surprise no-one was expecting at all.
Protecting the Hokage!
Ok, so here is the first chapter in what is going to be a multichapter story for :iconaaron-sprig:.

Not sure how many chapters this will be, but I'l try my best to make it as interesting as I possibly can.

I went ahead and decided to go with Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals, because you know, I know more about it then I do The Regular Show (Unless you had requested something different Aaron and not Regular Show?)

I chose this instead because I don't watch much T.V., let alone much Youtube, so here we are...

MC for slight language but it's just one word so meh.

Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals belong to their respective owners and what-not, if you know who please let me know a.s.a.p. so I can update the story and make sure proper credit goes to the right people.

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