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I play video games, I draw random stuff that makes no sense, and I also write things with no idea what I`m doing sometimes and I stand up for art of all forms, whether it be smut or otherwise, sound fair? Good, have a great day! The chibi is made with the Chibi Maker which in turn is made by the glorious gen8 It can be found here:

I give watches and llamas for llamas

I am willing to do occasional art trades, but note me first just in case.

I am also willing to write a fanfic/original story for practice but that will be maybe two or three at a time, again note me first as a just in case.

If you want me to feature you, I suggest you note me and we can talk about it there. I WILL do ONE free feature every month and will choose three things I like in your deviations but I will do this for very new members (been a member for only a month or so), no exceptions.

If you ask for a feature in the comments I will not respond what-so-ever. Sorry just don't want to bog down my comments with feature...comments.

Looking for a great artist to get inspired from? Look in my friends list, most if not all those people be amazing and are inspirational :)

Have any questions? Once again note me, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

I didn't do it Stamp by SpannedSoul Stamp: I am Wiccan 2 by 8manderz8Blessed Be Stamp by Mystic-Alpha-Wolf Don't shove religion down my throat by SoraJayhawk77


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(Contains: strong language)
        Léna sighed and forced herself to calm down, it wouldn`t help to get mad at the people who had formed an army under her banner. After all, they had all agreed to meet her in a Dwarven outpost near Orzammar.

        As she looked around, Léna saw how uncomfertable all were, save for King Alistair, Her travelling compainon of a little over a year during the Blight. The both of them, along with the slightly unwelcome tag-a-long Oghren and Zevran and Morigann, of which she missed the last two terribly, had spent almost an entire two months down in the deeproads looking for the Paragon Branka and Anvil of The Void. Both of which had almost proven fruitless.

     "I appreciate that you are at least willing to hear me out," She said looking back at the Dwarven King and giving a small, if tired, smile "I know that meeting me here wasn't easy for any of you, and I-"

     The slam of the meeting room door stopped me from continuing. Everyone stared as the one person they least expected walked in, looking like she had just won a battle with a High Dragon and fought her way through a hundred enemies to get here. Patience Hawke, after all, had been in hiding for a few years now and probably hadn't had a proper bath in almost as long. Léna noticed a group stay near the door, but her eyes were on her friend right now and she didn't pay them too much attention.

     She could've been Léna's twin if it hadn't been for her ears, facial tattoo's, and height. Like Léna when she first came through those doors, Hawke had a heavy pack strapped to her back, which she took care to gently set on the ground.

     She was jokingly glaring at me as I looked towards Nathianel Howe, who just shrugged and looked like he'd taken a hit to the jaw. I was tempted to stick my tounge out at him, after all I had warned him that Hawke was not one who paticularly liked his late father, the previous Arl of Amaranthine.

     "Of all the places you could've chosen as a meeting place, Warden, you chose one that had to be underground! Honestly, what is it with you and tunnels? Used to be you were absolutely afraid of tunnels in the circle where we grew up together!" She chastised me as we embraced in a tight hug, both of us laughing at her comments because we knew it was true.

     I nudged her away slightly and shrugged, "They don't bother me as much anymore. But that's not the important thing right now, did you manage to find what I asked for?" I motioned for everyone to come in and join me near the meeting table.

     She nodded, grim, and pulled out four thick journals and a slightly bigger book. When she put them on the table, each wheezed out a thick cloud of dust and the spine sagged terribly, indicating just how old these books were. "Took me longer then expected, but with short stuff," someone yelled out 'Hey!' behind us at that, "Bethany, Fenris, and a slightly unusual attack on me and Beth by the Carta, we tracked down everything we could, which as you can see, amounted to not much."

    Unable to remain quiet any longer, Kale, who represented the templars in the meeting, spoke up, "What in the hell is going on?! We've got a war that the mages previously started on our hands that could start again at any moment, despite what Divine Justinia has done to stop it's progress!"

    This ill-timed insult caused an uproar amoung the mages. The other templars who were there responded in kind by yelling back and unsheathing their swords, while the kings, leaders of the Crows, Grey Wardens, their entourages and the Dalish backed away quickly, not wanting to get involved in the fight.

     "Ma vhenan souveri elvarel ma'in melava!" Léna yelled out in frustration, she was tired of all the bickering, the fighting and the senseless slaughter of innocent lives on both sides. But she was surprised to find that one simple elvish phrase had caught all unawares and everyone was now looking at her, some in confusion, others in amazement, and others still in careful, if nuetral, expressions.

     Seeing her chance, Hawke glared at them and ordered, "Everybody sit your argumentative asses down right now!" by the time she had finished speaking, not one soul was standing save for herself, Léna, and the group at the back. Both sighed at the little catfight and looked knowingly at each other.

     "Anyways," Léna continued, pushing aside many thoughts she wanted to say right then, none of which were kind or gently-worded, and pushed the material which Hawke had found towards the group, "This will show you what I have been trying to tell you, and I ask that you be as gentle as possible for obvious reasons."

     As each person looked through one book or another, most scoffed and passed their book along, but some were shocked or intrigued, especially the Antivan Crows, who she knew wouldn't scoff or do nothing to help her, having worked for them and slowly rising in their ranks.

    By the time the books were back in Hawkes' possession all but the dwarves and the dalish looked convinced, and Léna knew who would walk out as allies and who wouldn't talk to her for quite some time.
Dragon Age - the Ageless Battles - Chapter 2
We finally get to meet my Hawke, who comes from my Dragon Age 2 story where I was transported to Thedas.

Rough translation of 'Ma vhenan souveri elvarel ma'in melava': My heart wearies the longer you dwell on the past.

Léna, Hawke, and Kale are all of my own making, Bioware has rights to all else.

I'm not saying that Divine Justinia had manged to make a peace treaty between the Mages/Templars a month before the events at Haven, so if I am wrong please correct me.
      "I`m sick of this! Hardly anyone listened to me before and now you`re all igonring me! Don`t make that same mistake!" Léna hissed at the groups assembled in front of her, save for the Grey Wardens. They, like her, sensed something wrong, something evil, was coming. They knew that whatever was coming that it would be worse then the Blight by far and thus stood behind her, for which Léna was grateful.

       At a short 5'4", Léna cut a striking figure as an elven mage wearing the old Nevarren Dragon Hunters armor, with the sword StarFang on her hip and a Bulworks shield strapped to her back. Her blue and hazel-speckled eyes could pierce a mans heart and having him run in fear, yet could have children smiling in hope after they had had a terrible day.

Her hair, everyone said, was the color of wheat as the sun was setting and cascaded down to her ankles in waves like the The Stormy Coasts' waves as they lapped against the shore or pounded the rocks to nothing more then pebbles over the years.

When she takes off her armor, many are always surprised to find that she has multiple scars all across her upper body, though are always especially surprised to find most gravitate towards a giant of a scar that stretches widthwise across her abdoman. All of which had been infilcted by Darkspwan, inculding the Architect who she had allowed to go free so he could continue his studies.

        To her left, the dwarven king Pyral Harrowmont stood and gave her a calm look, "We are not ignoring you Grey Warden, after all you killed the Archdemon, and The Mother a few years later, with your own hands, The dwarves haven`t seen so much peace in the deeproads before you did such mighty deeds, but how can you be so sure that something worse is coming?"

       Léna recalled both events with perfect clarity, the feel of burning, slithering scales as she stabbed the dragon in the head while his blood mingled with hers from her cuts and scrapes, and the slimy tentacles of the The Mother as her voice screeched out her dying scream while Léna electrocuted her to nothing more than a burnt pile of flesh.

     They must think that I'm losing my touch, or that I've developed a taste for battle. If only Hawke was here, she'd know what to do in this situation better then me. I never was one for diplomacy. She thought to herself. Getting people to work together was pure luck on Léna's part, and she never let herself forget that.

Dragon Age: The Ageless Battles Chapter 1
This is the start of the events that led to The Hero, Hawke, and The Inquisitor joining forces approximately a month before The Inquizzy becomes as we know him/her/them.

It will be slightly AU, seeing as only two things don't fit in the DAU to me.

Léna is an Arcane Warrior and can wield magic as well as a shield and sword in case you've never played DAO or never went for the Arcane Warrior spec.

Bioware owns everything Dragon Age.

Lena is born of my mind, down to the tiniest speck of hazel in her eyes.

Unless you've played all DA games along with their respective DLC`s, do not read!

Here is Chapter two: fa.veme/d8fh9f4
So I got inspired to write a new, slighlty AU (nothing big like changing the lore or anything), story focusing on the three main characters from the dragon age games and am going to be needing some advice as well as help to proof it and to help me not do anything impossible, while at the same time making sure I do descriptions of things right, amoung other things. If you are willing to help let me know and I will post the link to my :D
  • Mood: Seasonal
So I got inspired to write a new, slighlty AU (nothing big like changing the lore or anything), story focusing on the three main characters from the dragon age games and am going to be needing some advice as well as help to proof it and to help me not do anything impossible, while at the same time making sure I do descriptions of things right, amoung other things. If you are willing to help let me know and I will post the link to my :D
  • Mood: Seasonal

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